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Become a Legend

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Try a Free Class at Temple’s Premier BJJ Academy


What’s holding you back?


Struggle to stay focused and on task? Discipline is a cornerstone of Jiu Jitsu and what you learn on the mat can improve your life off of it!


Looking to improve your fitness? Our goal is to facilitate your improvement in Jiu Jitsu as well as get you fit for everything life throws at you!


Looking for a friendly, encouraging environment? Our coaches and members will support your progress no matter where you are starting from!


From beginners to advanced practitioners, our coaches provide a wide range of instruction to support students from all backgrounds and levels!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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No better time than now to become the best version of yourself! Allow us to help you find the inner strength you’ve had all along!


Hear what our members have to say!

Quality All Around

Quality of Service: Travis and his team make you feel at home and welcome all people, regardless of experience, rank, or school affiliation. Quality of Training: Travis and many of his students are active competitors and will provide amazing knowledge and amazing training and conditioning. Leglock Subject Matter Expert: If you want to take your Leglock Game to the next level, Travis and his team will take it there. I personally know that is the truth.

~ Davis Giadoo

Exceeded My Expectations

“When I started I just wanted to learn self defense, but I ended up gaining so much more. The people here are like an extension of my family. Coach Travis truly has the best interest of ALL of his students at heart on and off of the mats. Although Jiu Jitsu is mostly an individual sport, this gym views everyone as part of a team. Legends BJJ has exceeded all of my expectations. I look forward to calling this place my BJJ home for life.”

~ Matthew Swain

Friendly & Enthusiastic

“Exactly what my kids and I wanted. Friendly group of people. Some very high level BJJ guys frequently go to the gym, but nobody with an ego. Coaches all are enthusiastic about teaching and you can tell it’s more than a day job for them. People who are just trying it out (as I was initially) are quite welcome, and the more seasoned people walked me through the techniques and helped me out from the start.”

~ Ryan Peterson